The city of Vlora is located in the southwest of the country, in a beautiful region along the sea. It is in front of Karaburuni peninsula and Sazani island, close to various sandy and rocky beaches and the scenic nearby mountains.
Through its harbour Vlora has the regular ferry boat service with Italian ports of Bari and Brindisi.
Vlora has been an ancient city . It dates back to the 4th century, known by the name AULONA. The city is also of great importance for modern Albanian history because it was here in 1912 that the Assembly first proclaimed the independence of Albania from five centuries of Ottoman occupation. Commemorating this historical event is the “Monument Of Independence” rising at the “Flag Square”. Adjacent to the monument there is the Mosque of Muradije, which was built in 1542 by the famous architect Mimar Sinani ( who built the grandiose Suleymanie Mosque in Istanbul). Another beautiful religious place is “Kus Baba” (bektashism sect) built on a hill overlooking the city. From here, one can enjoy the nice scenery of the town.

Several modern hotels, restaurants, bars and discos provide you service and accommodation for overnight stay.

Vlora enjoys a beautiful position because it is the gateway to the Albanian Riviera, which is the gem of Albanian Tourist places. On the way to Riviera there is the small town of Orikum where a yachts port is building up.
Leaving Vlora through the scenic coastal road to Saranda you will climb up towards the Pass of Llogara, a National Park covered by dense forest of pine trees, 1027 m above sea level. There is a tourist village with wooden made villas. Llogara is an excellent place for air sports such as paragliding, delta plan etc. Some European meetings of air sports are organized there. The mountain is very close to the beach, so the tourist can combine the mountain climate with the warm of the sea.
At the north direction of Vlora there is the Lagoon of Narta, which is the second in Albania in terms of size. It is a worth visiting place for the nature lovers. The lagoon is rich in species of water fowls and fish. On the shore of the lagoon there are Narta and Zverneci villages, which are well known for their local wine. In the small island in front of Zverneci there is a byzantine church of Saint Maria (XVI century). The island is covered by dense Mediterranean woods and together with the cape of Triporti makes a very nice natural place.