The city of Korca is situated in the southern part of Albania at the side of Moravia mountain , 896 m above the sea level.
Korça is located on an Illyrian settlement, which is thought to be connected with the culture of Barç ( several tombs are discovered there). In the 15th century it developed as an artisan and trading center and in the second half of the 19th century it became one of the biggest economic, commercial and cultural center of the country.
Today Korça is one of the most charming and pristine cities of Albania. The most outstanding constructions in the city are the magnificent “Cathedral” ( the biggest in Albania) and especially the quarters between Shen Gjergji and Republika Boulevards ,which preserve typical cobbled streets and lanes. In the center of the city raises the monument of the “Albanian Fighter”, while in western part there is a traditional bazaar and many bars, tavernas, restaurants and hotels.
The most typical meal in Korca is the pie of this region called “ lakror” ( made of onion and tomatoes).
The city hosts a number of museums such as : The Museum of Medieval Arts, The Museum of Education, where the first Albanian School was opened and the house of the Albanian painter Vangjush Mio. The city is known for the characteristic songs called “serenades” ,accompanied by guitars and also for the carnivals, which are organized before Eastern. Carnivals are also held in the village of Polena yearly on 6 of January.

Korça region si rich in natural attractions. First the mountain spots of Dardha, Voskopoja, Vithkuqi, Boboshtica and the National Park of Bozdoveci. Some of them offer also a great cultural interest, for example Voskopoja with its monasteries and churches. During the 18th century Voskopoja was a big urban center , with an “Academy” and with strong links with other european centres such as Vien, Laipcig and Budapest.

In the northern part of the region Prespa lake . with its clean waters and rocky and pebble beaches offer to the tourist opportunities for sun bathing. In the small island of Maligrad an interesting eremite church is to be found.